TAP – Trace Analysis Platform, Dept of Chemistry, Umeå University

TAP Services

The platform aims to provide state-of-the-art equipment, user training and support for trace analysis of small molecules and elements in complex matrices, such as environmental and biological samples, as well as isotopic ratio measurements of dissolved gases.

What can we offer?

Service is provided at three different levels:

  • Seed projects (a few samples)
  • Small projects (10s of samples)
  • Projects and long-term service (100s of samples)

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What’s going on at the platform?

List of PI’s at the department associated to the platform

  • Professors Patrik Andersson, Erik Björn, Jean-Francois Boily, Peter Haglund and Mats Tysklind
  • Associated professors Jerker Fick and Stina Jansson